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The Warwick Rowers

Written By venus on Thursday, January 2, 2014 | 10:06 PM

The Warwick Rowers is one of England's foremost rowing club. Indeed, it's one of the top university sports clubs in the land. And it's not just because of the men's athletic prowess. Each year they remove their clothes and pose for a calendar that challenges homophobia in schools and funds charities that support LGBT young people.

Unlike most nude photography, the Warwick Rowers don't depict themselves as muscular super humans whose bodies are unattainable to the average person. They're worthy of admiration, not only because of their bodies but also to their forward thinking. 

"The boys show they have a healthy relationship with their bodies, with nudity, with being admired by whoever cares to look, and with being naked around each other," said their photographer, Angus Malcolm. "And they're also in control--these guys are not being exploited, not selling themselves short, and not being coerced into doing something that they don't want to do."

This year's calendar shoot also was filmed. Bigger, Longer and Uncut depicts the beauty of the men's bodies without becoming pornographic.

Let's take a look at the men, but first some credits to their work. The calendar is available at the Warwick Rowers' Web site. Also visit Angus Malcolm's photography (whose work appears below).


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