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Yes, they're back!

Written By venus on Saturday, July 12, 2014 | 3:49 PM

There have been a lot of nice photos from men at World Naked Bike Rides this season, but I had missed seeing pictures from two guys who are regulars at these events: Noah Phelps and Freddie. You probably have seen them dozens of times over the years. I was beginning to think they skipped the rides this year. But they haven't!

They're back!

Each year, as I'm sure you're aware, Noah assumes a different identity during his naked roller-blading appearances in Seattle, which I believe is his hometown. One time he was Captain America, another time a tiger, another time a blue tick, another time a space ghost. This year he is Captain Kirk from the Starship Enterprise. Noah can be seen at the Naked Bike Ride, the Seattle Summer Solstice Parade and other events. 

Freddie, an Englishman, is known for his rather pronounced appendage. Even when it's fully flaccid, it's still ample for any guy. And when you get him going, well, it has this wonderful arch to it. Apart from that, you can identify him by his insignias on his arms just below his shoulder. Sometimes they resemble wheels; sometimes St. George's Cross, an early flag of England. This year Freddie has a new look: platinum blond hair. It's quite becoming. 

With the said, here for your enjoyment are the stars of the show.


Noah's other personae ...

I thought you might like to see some of Noah's previous roles.

Seattle Summer Solstice, 2012

Seattle Summer Solstice, 2013

He'd do well in a career in modeling ...


Freddie jogs or runs, rather than rides, in World Naked Bike Ride. I don't know the venue for these photos. In the past, he has been in the London rides. He has been at this since at least 2010.

And some of Freddie's previous runs ...

If you wondered about his sexual orientation, this should clear that up ...

When the mask slips—Freddie relaxing at the 2010 London bike ride


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