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Ads from today's Daily Telegraph

Written By venus on Tuesday, July 15, 2014 | 3:07 PM

Some things never change.

Vanity, for instance.

The Daily Telegraph of London, on the same page it was reporting about the growing tensions in Europe, advertised a wonderful new compound, "Astrol, which prevented the graying of hair.

"One grey hair every minute—and each grey hair adding another day—to your age," the ad said. "This means that in a matter of weeks—at the end of a few months at most—your hair will be totally grey or even white, and a load of many years will be added to your appearance. This is the grave warning to those with the first sign of greyness approaching, and who neglect their hair. Think of the significance of this—of its urgent importance—of the insupportable handicap of many years suddenly thrust upon one's apparent age. Everywhere to-day is the same feeling that condemns age as dull, lacking in energy, lacking in charm."

You'd think the Huns were about to invade your follicles.

Astrol was touted as "the veritable elixir of a new life and new colour for the hair." All you have to do is send for a free sample of the concoction. The ad helpfully notes that Astrol is available for sale at chemists [pharmacies] everywhere.

Meanwhile, Harrod's was having an inventory-reduction sale on everything from ladies umbrellas to chairs and rugs. A competitor, Waring & Gillow, was advertising "an exceptional opportunity" for you to buy fine china and glass. The merchandise was offered at cost through July 31, which, at it would turn out, was to be the day that Germany delivered an ultimatum to Russia to back off on its support for Serbia or face war.


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