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The halcyon days of gym showers

Written By venus on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 | 10:41 PM

Alas, nudity in locker rooms and showers isn’t what it used to be. When I was younger, guys casually went naked in changing rooms and group shower rooms. We even had the kind of shower heads that are housed on a single column. Everyone saw everyone else’s business no matter where one glanced. Back then, towels were used merely for drying off. Years ago I especially enjoyed a column shower at one of the state parks in Delaware. I think I spent more time showering than I did sunbathing (in a swim suit) on the beach. 

Now, however, many young males seem frightened of their bodies--or the eyes of others. The lads wrap themselves in their towel the moment they disrobe at their locker. They stay that way as they travel to the showers. They hang up their towel on an adjacent shower head, wash up quickly and get back in the towel again. Some even shower with their shorts on, something that makes no sense whatsoever. Furthermore, many gyms now have individual showers with doors or curtains. What fun is that? Fortunately there are still enough quality gang showers (and men) to make visiting the gym worthwhile.

Scene from 'Little Blue Pill,' 2010

Christian Meloni in 'SK Babies'


  1. There are some differences, relevant today, causing the decline of "group showering." Lot's of sexual harassment claims, stories of kids being harassed or abused and cell phones with cameras and video. Showers and locker rooms are dangerous.

    Sad but, true.

    We always showered together, not just in high school but, in grade school, as well. Thankfully, naked boys swimming was ended the year before I got there....I would not be too comfortable with that. Although, I would probably adjust to it like everyone else.

  2. Oh....nice blog...sorry for the necroposting. :-)

  3. Multi-showering was created by a pervert.


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